Monday, September 5, 2011

Geometry on the Playground

John McClellan, Playground, 1957

The Geometry Playground, a traveling play exhibition funded by the United States National Science Foundation, includes a  maze-like gyroid, corkscrew tunnels, and an anamorphic hopscotch court.   Visit their website for the tour schedule, or to request a visit to a museum near you.

Some time ago on the blog I lamented the loss of 'real things' on the playground--decommissioned fire trucks, factory machines, and jet planes that used to allow children to to absorb the workings of a gear assembly or the nature of a riveted skin while they played.

Mathematical functions are 'real things' too, and portraying them in solid form provides an interactive learning experience and gives artificial climbing structures a reason for being in a marketplace that is increasingly disenchanted with the same old poles and platforms.  Playground manufacturers should take note.

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