Monday, May 30, 2011

Kids Health Information: Teach Your Kids About Staying Healthy

Raising children who value and take responsibility for their health develop into individuals who are healthy and productive members of society. As parents, it is our responsibility to enstill into our kids the importance of taking care of their bodies and appreciating the gift our bodies give us day in and day out.
Below are some tips to remember when teaching your kids how to stay healthy. Some are obvious and some can be overlooked. Take a look at the list below and see what you can include in educating your child about keeping themselves health.

Kids Health Information Tip #1: Cover Your Mouth!
In order to keep germs from floating to those around us, it is important to cover our mouth when we cough, sneeze, or even yawn. Teach your child to cover their mouth and they’ll be healthier for it.

Kids Health Information Tip #2: Wash Your Hands!
Washing hands after using the restroom is something we all know. But what about other times? Teach your child to wash their hands after the following activities: sneezing or coughing, playing at the playground, before and after meals, or other activities where their hands are around potential germs.

Kids Health Information Tip #3: Brush and Floss Your Teeth!
Brushing is important. So if flossing! Make sure your child is taking good care of their teeth by brushing at least twice a day and flossing each night before they go to bed.
Kids Health Information Tip #4: Each Healthy!
Teach your child how to choose foods that are low in sugar, fat, and full of nutrients, vegetables, and fruit. Teach them how to regulate their food intake and make responsible food choices to support their growing bodies and minds.

Kids Health Information Tip #5: Get Active!
Exercise and activity is important to learn at an early age that can go into adulthood. An hour a day is optimal for good health and weight management.

Kids Health Information Tip #6: Get Enough Sleep!
Because our children are constantly growing, it is imperative that they get adequate sleep. Make sure your child has a comfortable and safe sleeping area and that they are getting enough sleep for their growing bodies and minds.

Kids Health Information Tip #7: Stay Hydrated!
Consuming enough hydration is so important and something that many of us neglect. Make sure you’re teaching your child the importance of getting in enough water each day and the importance of staying away from soda and sugar drinks and juices. Buy your child a fun water bottle to help them learn to regulate their fluids.

Kids Health Information Tip #8: Keep Your Mind Healthy!
It’s unfortunate, but childhood can be full of stresses. Teach your child healthy methods in dealing with stress and how to deal with difficult circumstances.
Kids Health Information Tip #9: You’ve Gotta Have Faith!
Children who are raised in homes that subscribe to a particular faith and have a code of morals to live by tend to live happier and healthier lives. If your family subscribes to a particular faith, get your family involved and teach your child the importance of faith.

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