Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Scrap Stores for the Playground

In researching the previous post, I came across the mention that the 'yellow submarine' had been repainted with paint provided by the Children's Scrap Project in Hackney, London, which collects waste from businesses (including paint) for free, performs a health and safety check, then displays materials in a warehouse for members to use for education and play alike...a boon to the adventure playground or the DIY playscape.

The Children's Scrap Store in Bristol is a similar organization which goes an exciting step further by providing The Scrapstore PlayPod™:  a container full of repurposed materials and equipment (loose parts) for play.  See it in action:

There is also a more detailed video of the playpods here. There are currently 28 schools that have a Scrapstore PlayPod™ in their play ground; it's a fast-growing concept that I'd love to see spread to other countries, especially my own USA.  Of course, here you can pay $7k to $25k (near as I can tell; prices are notably absent from their publicity) for some blue polyethylene foam pieces Designed By David Rockwell and heavily promoted by Kaboom. Make up your own mind. 

There is a nationwide Scrapstores charity in the UK, which maintains a directory of all scrapstores there.    I'm wondering about scrapstores in other countries...I know of a few here in the USA but no comprehensive directory.  So, dear readers, tell me what you know about scrapstores!  Is there one in your area?  Do you use it?   If you know of a scrapstore, add it to the list I've started in the forum.

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