Friday, March 23, 2012

Boys' Underwear - Should Weigh Comfort Over Style!

You must be wondering to see the variety of boys' underwear available these days. The present generation is much conscious about fashion than comfort. The market of underwear has seen a boom in recent years due to changing mindset of people. Sexy lingerie is no more linked with women these days; men are getting equally conscious about what kind of underwear is in trend these days, what will look good on them, which underwear is the best for their body shape etc. But one must weigh comfort over style.
Since boys are usually much more notorious and active than girls, their underwear should be flexible, soft to skin and good in elasticity. The fabric should be soft and smooth. Though cotton is considered the best option as fabric, but a lot of variety is widely held today. Boys' underwear is available not only in different fabrics and colors but also in different styles and designs for e.g. sports briefs, trunk boxer briefs, low rise trunks and no-show briefs. Besides that, there are different patterns also. For kids, boys' underwear is available with carton prints and for teenagers, checks and stripes is highly preferred.

If you want to know about the prevailing trends and designs in boys' underwear, you can always browse the web and check out the designs and styles available online. There are various online stores that provide the underwear in different sizes and shapes and offer well categorized products ranging from casual boxers to sexy lingerie. There is a wide array of products that are displayed for sale. Some of them are available with great discounts and other attractive offers. You can always make your purchase online with a few clicks from the comfort of your home using the secure internet payment method and the product will be delivered at your doorstep. But you need to be careful while choosing the boys' underwear. The comfort should not be compromised at any cost and the underwear should be of proper size, as tight fitting underwear can have numerous ill effects.
Take into consideration the following side effects that may occur if the men's or boys' underwear is tight:

• Cause rashes: Tight underwear cause rashes in the genital region of the boys and it can get serious if not attended to. These rashes develop as the underwear gets wet after a little activity or in warm and moist environment and air does not enter that part of the body. As a result, the skin irritated and cause itching. Any negligence can lead to serious infections too, may be some sort of fungal infection.
• Can make the boy sterile: The testicles of a boy are present outside the body for the reason that they have to be kept at a stable temperature for sperm formation. For this reason, they are not tucked up inside the body, as the temperature of the body continue to vary. Wearing tight underwear will draw them closer to your body, keep them warm more than it is required and hence damage the sperm. It will hamper the normal growth of the boy.
• Can lead to Testicular Torsion: Tight underwear can twist or torque the testicles of your boy and may lead to gangrenous condition in which the testicles are removed. It is very painful process and life threatening too. So keep the testicles of your by free and comfortable in a soft and comfy underwear to keep testicle torsion at bay.
• Reduces Testosterone levels: This is again one of the common side effects of wearing tight underwear. Since the tight underwear keeps the testicles close to the body, the temperature of the testicles will increase and it will reduce the testosterone levels. It is one of the essential hormones in the human body that promotes normal growth of muscles in boys and men. Reduced level of testosterone will make your boy lethargic and weak.
• Make you feel uncomfortable throughout the day: Tight underwear does not make you look sexier. In fact, they are highly uncomfortable and may cause hindrance in your normal movement.
However, underwear is still a fashion statement for many boys and men who are so much influenced by fashion divas and celebrities endorsing particular underwear brand. Hope this piece of information has given you an insight into what is good and right for you when you go to buy boys underwear. Comfortable and stylish underwear can also be sexy lingerie for men.

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