Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Funny For Kids' Animal Games

Laughter is a powerful tool in childhood education for its many benefits -
1. Develops good social skills - laughter helps to break the ice and creates bonds between people.
2. Develops pre-reading skills - kids love poems and nursery rhymes for their rhyming words or nonsense syllables.
3. Develops creativity - when kids are given the opportunities to do silly or funny things such as walking backwards or walk and quack like a duck instill in them a sense of humor which has long-term benefits such as they are encouraged or allowed to stretch their imagination, think outside the box and expose them to look at situations from different perspectives.
4. Develops cognitive thinking - among the areas of cognitive thinking are intelligence, reasoning, language development and memory. Laughter can increase learning and retention as both sides of the brain are stimulated and when kids are enjoying themselves while learning tend to learn and retain more of what is being taught.

Below are several funny for kids' animal games which will make your kids roar with laughter.
1. Songs to sing and act out
Select songs that provide the opportunity for action and are easy for them to learn. A good choice is "Old MacDonald' where the words are repetitive and encouraging the kids to exaggerate the actions adds humor and delight to the game and also helps the kid to remember the song.

2. I am a magician!
Prepare a table and lay a big table cloth over it. Place about 10 animal toys in a basket and hide under the table. Ask one of the kids to wear a long cape to pretend to be the magician and take out 1 toy animal and tell the other kids that he can change this animal toy if they close their eyes and say the magic words. "Abracadabra, 1,2,3." They must count slowly together and while the kids are having their eyes closed, quickly take out another toy animal from the basket. Let the kids take turns wearing the magic cape to play the magician.

3. Fishing for animals
Cut pictures of animals and attach with paperclips. Tie one end of a rope with a magnet to make it look like a fishing rod. Scatter the pictures on the floor, and then call out an animal for the kids to find and fish it out with their magnet. Encourage them to make funny sounds while walking like the animal they have fished out.
Kids are fond of animals and can empathize with their feelings and when they are exposed to such funny for kids animal games help them to explore and understand the world of animals in funny ways.

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