Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The future of online games virtual world

While some say that virtual worlds are just a fad that will disappear over time, others think otherwise. So what does the future of these virtual communities and how it will be done through technological advances and new times?

While current trade with real money (RMT) exercise and the use of avatars to project real-world identification to show the boundary between the virtual and real life has been quite blurred, this border will be further reduced more time.

Of high trade expansion of virtual resources for better use of virtual worlds as teams to meet people in the future of virtual worlds may evolve well beyond their own game backgrounds. If it be a blessing or a curse, these worlds can increasingly serve as centers of commerce, industry and business.

Only in the world of Second Life, relations have hit a rate of $ 2.7 million a month. Goods companies using the product online worlds to prototype, promote and sell products. Brands that have already made their appearance in the virtual worlds consist of some of the most famous in the world.

A series of worlds

A number of metaverse exceed the very concept of a virtual world designed for writers in science fiction, because as we see an endless variety of websites in the last ten or fifteen years, we once again observe an increase the number of online worlds.

You can visit a world to do the job that earns a real wage, a different world to consider a college program, another to the gaming experience with your friends who are registered worldwide, but to talk to members family who live both near and far.

As technical advances, for example, increased mobile broadband Internet and entry easier access to areas of the virtual world on a daily basis, regardless of location, appointments to these worlds may end up increasing part of the structure of everyday life.

Virtual worlds are not places of a "voucher" for. In contrast, online and offline fine mesh to become a part of your daily routine. So, is your avatar ready for the virtual future?

Key features of these worlds

Six features that come with the virtual world games online at present and which are the main features that could ensure not only survival but prosperity:

1. Sharing space. The world allows many users to sign up again.
2. Graphical user interface. The world is visually room.
3. Immediacy. The interaction that occurs in real time.
4. Interactivity. The world allows users to change, develop, develop or publish personalized content.
5. Persistence. Lifestyle of the world is whether or not individual clients are steeped in.
6. Of the community. The world allows and promotes the formation of the world social organizations and groups, unions, clubs, gangs, roommates, or neighborhoods.

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