Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Virtual worlds for children

Virtual worlds have proven to be great places, web safe for kids to have fun and interact with others. Attractive security features that virtual worlds are offering are very popular among parents looking for web security for their children. However, these security features are not the only reasons that membership of virtual worlds continue to grow and the new guys are virtual sites pop up.
Virtual worlds children really appeal to children with 3D animation, colorful worlds to explore, and the ability of children to create their own avatar. Unlike television, in a virtual world of a child can interact.

Not only are virtual sites a fun place for children, but parents can be sure that the sites are made to be education that allows children to learn and grow, while still having fun. They develop keyboard skills, practice reading, mathematics, commerce, and participate in creative role playing. The cooperative nature of virtual worlds helps children develop important social skills while gaining a deeper understanding of their role as members of a community.

Virtual worlds offer children several security features. Parents should be involved and in many cases are asked to give their permission in the different stages of the child's participation in the virtual world. Permission is normally given to the action of a child by a parent to confirm a request by e-mail in the virtual world. Kids love to network with their friends and virtual sites allowing text chat among avatars, virtual worlds for children the message of most filtering tasks to avoid the use of inappropriate words and phrases, and block attempts to communicate phone numbers, email addresses or other personally identifiable information.

It is important for virtual web sites provide a safe environment for children to encourage a greater number of members. Yet parents should encourage the following behavior: -

• Never give out personal information online. Personal information includes things like your real name, address, telephone number, email or in school.

• If someone says or does something that makes you feel uncomfortable, or if they ask for your personal information, tell your parents immediately.

· Never give out your password to anyone, even if they say they work for the virtual site.

For parents who worry about their children spending too much time in a virtual world for children, some sites have a timer to help parents control their children's use.

Each virtual world is unique and some children will be more attracted to each instead of the other based on their own personality, age and interests. The security features in virtual worlds children may also be different. We encourage you to look through different virtual sites and explore their features before your child jumps in. A great place to start is cold for children to provide a list of virtual worlds for children.

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