Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Park for Playing and Thinking, Contrafile and Basurama, Sao Paulo Brasil

The ever-playful Basurama (whose Ghost Train Park in Lima has been previously featured on the blog) collaborated with Brazilian collective Contrafilé and other partners to create a park in which to both play AND think in a Sao Paulo favela.  The community, and especially its children, were deeply engaged in both planning and construction. 

They used old tires to retain a refuse-ridden slope, as well as for stair-paths and climbing structures. There's a gigantic blackboard and an electricity generating bike, as well as a radio station, a sound toy, and a community stage, plus a tight rope and is that a turning bar in the community space?  Aldo van Eyck would be SO proud. 


I'm really glad to see that they didn't neglect the designed landscape; in addition to garden beds and composting bins there are dedicated areas reserved for plantings of trees and grass, wise choices that far more expensive (and supposedly well-designed) playgrounds consistently ignore.  And a elevated community playpen for the bebes.  One small participant said 'we're making a garden out of garbage!'

Check out the blog that chronicles Parque para Brincar e Pensar...the community love and labor on display there is inspiring.

Thanks to friend of Playscapes Ángela León,who participated in the project, for submitting it.  I really like the idea of considering both playing and thinking...does your playground think?

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