Wednesday, July 13, 2011

3 Most Common Questions Parents Have

Listen to the full recording here: an interview with the radical parenting teenagers, Vanessa Van Betten
Here are some of the highlights:

1) What young people want to know their parents but are afraid of to say to them?
Do not take the complaint or dispute of the adolescents personally. It's usually just a way to vent them and they rarely mean anything ugly.Children do not listen to their parents - it's not just cool to look very interested in or recognize.The good relationship with their parents is no less important for adolescents as it is for mothers and fathers.

2) What is the relationship between parents fractures / teen?
Treatment of adolescents and the like are still infants.Impose the same rules that were established in primary schools over 15 years of age.Embarrassing them over and over again and then do not have as much to him or apologize for doing so.
** I recommend re-evaluation agreements with your kids on a regular basis. Children and technological changes so quickly that an audit every 6 months or so makes the children feel heard and certainly the current rules.

3) What is it like growing up in the 21?
It's harder than parents think.Technology plays a big role, children must learn to navigate the changing landscape.Unrealistic expectations of parents, teachers and friends, and add more coaches to the pressures of a difficult stage of life already.

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