Sunday, July 10, 2011

Teaching Little Kids Colors

As a parent, you can be a good teacher for your little children. Teach them any skills as early as possible. You don't have to wait until their age is ready for school. Introducing colors to them is fundamental. Yet, it is an easy task. Thus we have some tips for you to teach your little children colors.
The best step to introduce colors to your little children is to use the surroundings as real examples. One thing you should know about children is that they are the best learner in which they have great desire to know anything new. It is easier for your kids to recognize the color when you include the colors anytime you mention common things, like car, hat, T-shirt, etc.

You can talk about the red shoes and pink socks that your children like. With this method, they will recognize the color of any other things. For example, as you mention "blue Teddy Bear" in their bedroom, they will recognize and be able to say, "It's blue" for any other blue things.

Also, you can use some books which contain some images in any colors. Ask them to mention the color of each image. Or, ask them to show you "the red cat" and "the green dog". Choose the books in which each image has a single color, like blue for the bird, brown for the chocolate, white for rice, and so on. If each image is colorful, we are afraid that your little children will get confused to answer your questions.

Keep in mind that children like playing. When they are playing, they actually surf their imagination. Take some coloring books and crayons. Let them improve their imagination and creativity. It is strongly suggested that you get involved in their activity. You can play with them. Ask them to make an artwork from dough based on their own imagination while you are also working on yours.

Then we advise that you have some discussion on colors with your little kids while watching TV. Ask them about the color of their favorite character, like yellow Sponge Bob, or pink Piglet. Finally, we hope that this article will be useful for you.

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