Monday, July 11, 2011

La ville molle (Soft City), Raum, Bourges France, 2010

La ville molle (part III) from Raum Raum on Vimeo.

We take the ground plane for granted, assuming that it won't shift beneath our feet.
But Raum Architecture's installation "questions the harshness of the city and the ground's capacity to change".

Their surprising, playful intervention was co-produced by the National School of Art de Bourges, the FRAC Centre and carried out with the collaboration of the city of Bourges and its downtown Council district.

Wondering about its secrets?  All is revealed in the construction video below... 

La ville molle (part I & II) from Raum Raum on Vimeo.

[Musical accompaniment by the french band "Mansfield Tya" (]

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