Friday, June 10, 2011

Are trampolines good for kids?

You may have noticed that there are more and more trampolines appearing in gardens close to where you live. It seems that trampolines have been selling well over the last year or so. In this article we look at the question of whether they are actually good for children.
When we buy games, toys and equipment for our children we tend to look at a variety of factors. We usually want something that will be fun for them to play with. Equally, it's important that the products are safe - we don't want them coming to any harm.

Do we also consider whether or not a particular game will be good for them? This may be something that we don't give enough consideration too. It's particularly important when it comes to their health and fitness. After all, we don't want them having to deal with obesity, a lack of fitness and the associated health issues.
In order to look at how useful trampolines are, let us examine these three factors: fun, safety and health.

Fun is probably the easiest to answer. Anyone who's ever seen children playing on a trampoline will know that it is great fun. In fact, the freedom that's enjoyed is similar in many respects to another great favourite: bouncy castles. Kids see trampolines as being an exciting activity and one that they want to try again and again.

How about the issue of safety? This is one area where you will need to think carefully. Are your children going to be safe using a trampoline? If you're worried then there are a variety of accessories that you can use to help. The most common idea is to make use of trampoline to create a protective layer around the main trampoline.

If your children are young then you might also use small, specialist ladders - these can help them get on and off the equipment.
How about the third factor? Are they good for health and fitness? When you compare them to something like playing video games, or watching television, it's clear that trampolines allow and promote a far higher level of exercise.

It's a combination of all of these factors that helps to explain why both kids and parents love trampolines.

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