Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Tooth Fairy

Tooth fairy is a tale to tell children what happens when they lose a tooth. Typically, children at the age of 6 will start lose their milk teeth. They are naturally anxious about losing their tooth ....and some bleeding may cause them sleepless nights.

Hence, tooth fairy will come and give some tooth money in exchange for a tooth that has fallen out. This will make the child much happier by smiling ear to ear even when they have missing tooth. Aren’t they adorable!

Tooth fairyWhat does a child have to do for Tooth Fairy to come?

Tooth fairy is sweet for giving money to all children around the world but she is asking for small little favors from you. Here’s what to do so that tooth fairy will visit you:

1. Be sure to lose a tooth that is clean and shiny. Tooth fairy does not collect dirty or yellow tooth.

2. Listen to grown-up’s advise to place the tooth under the pillow.

3. Be sure to put the tooth at the very center of the pillow.

4. Read a book about losing a tooth.

5. Go to bed early and fall asleep fast that night.

6. Check your pillow in the morning for a big surprise!

What happens when Tooth Fairy is gone?

1. Be extremely happy that the tooth fairy has visited and gave some money.

2. Receive letters and certificates on losing a tooth from the Tooth Fairy Package. You can frame your achieved certificates make a scrapbook for your letters.

3. Tell daddy and mommy that you are no longer a baby and growing adult teeth.

4. Be extra careful about taking care of your soon-to-grow adult teeth follow the brushing tips.

5. Tell little brother or sister that you were brave when you lose a tooth and is ever prepared for the next tooth to fall.

6. Share your achievement and experience with friends at school.

7. Write a letter to thank daddy and mommy for caring for your and your teeth since birth.

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