Friday, June 24, 2011

Homemade Crafts for Kids Age One

The handicrafts made by children in the age OneChildren young and the young one naturally curious and creative. Engage young children in art gives them opportunities to learn with their senses and help them develop skills that will promote independence and increase access to the vocabulary and the fulfillment of creation.So, whether it's a scribble with chalk or handprint with paint, these are the local handicrafts made special for 1 year of age.

Piece of torn paper are grouped

Young children love to tear paper, and even provide your child with colored construction paper and scraps of gift wrap to tear into smaller pieces. Development and self-adhesive paper and clear to the child and the commitment to the negotiating table with the tape.Invite him to put a piece of paper torn on this surface sticky. When finished, cover the paper with a sticky sheet of colored construction paper collage to finish off the first child.

Cookie Art

Out cookie cutter vacation and use these as templates to cut shapes from colored cardboard. Help your child to spread the glue on each form. Invite her to spray colored paper, candy (made easily by punching holes from colored paper) or sequins to decorate the cookies to demonstrate. Supervision of young children young children at all times so that the mouth of art materials. Hang these files in particular on the refrigerator or in the bedroom for all to enjoy.

Bubble wrap printing

Template and paper packaging bubble wrap (bubble side) on the delivery of the child to form a glove. Use tape to seal the edges and secure the glove to the hand. The preparation of the shallow container with poster paint is toxic, and help a child in the glove down in the paint. Encourage him to continue in the glove loaded with paint on paper for a unique design. Repeat the process until the dipping and printing paper addresses.

Wet chalk drawings

Older children can draw with chalk, and help them develop fine motor skills and creativity. Using chalk as a wet chalk art gives a different feeling and appearance. Begin by soaking a piece of colored chalk in a bowl of water for five minutes. Show children how to draw with chalk on the end of the paper. Also, try to make designs using the side of the chalk. This process continues for as long as the child shows interest. Do not forget to place the artwork of the child, where everyone can admire it.

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